Businesses Are United Against Discrimination
Businesses large and small across the United States are standing together to oppose discrimination and to support comprehensive nondiscrimination laws that protect all Americans, including LGBTQ people.
LGBTQ Equality is Good for Business
82% of Fortune 500 companies have internal nondiscrimination policies in place that include sexual orientation and gender identity
Discrimination is Bad for Business
States that have passed or attempted to pass discriminatory measures have faced billions in losses
31 States Lack Full Protections
72% of Americans favor passing laws to protect LGBTQ people from discrimination, and 80% of Americans are unaware that there is no federal law protecting LGBTQ Americans from workplace discrimination
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Our Business Partners
America Competes members oppose discriminatory measures that hurt workforce development, innovation, tourism, economic growth, and quality of life. We believe that comprehensive nondiscrimination laws that explicitly protect LGBTQ people are necessary to build thriving state and national economies. We’re calling on lawmakers and leaders to ensure all hard-working Americans and their families are protected from discrimination—and to send a message to the world that America is open for business to everyone.
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Our Guiding Principles
As employers who have worked hard to create safe, inclusive and supportive environments for our employees and the communities we serve, we embrace the following core values, and seek to ensure that the states and cities in which we operate reflect these beliefs.
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