Businesses Are United Against Discrimination
Businesses of all industries, across the United States, are standing together to oppose discrimination and to support comprehensive nondiscrimination laws that protect all Americans, including LGBTQ people. America Competes equips business leaders with the data-backed economic case for equal opportunity for LGBTQ people, and amplifies their voices to call for nondiscrimination in states and nationwide.
LGBTQ Equality is Good for Business
Inclusive, welcoming cities and states have a competitive edge for talent, tourism, and corporate investment, and harmonizing nondiscrimination law nationwide is a priority for major employers.
Discrimination is Bad for Business
States that have passed or attempted to pass discriminatory measures have faced billions in losses, and businesses and tourism professionals that operate in those states face recruitment and retention challenges.
29 States Lack Full Protections
LGBTQ people can still be denied basic opportunities in 29 states, despite 83% of Americans favoring laws to protect LGBTQ people from discrimination. A harmonized national law will end this patchwork of protections.
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Our Coalition
America Competes is a business-led coalition that supports nondiscrimination for LGBTQ people and opposes discriminatory measures that hurt workforce development, innovation, tourism, economic growth, and quality of life. Clear, consistent data shows that comprehensive nondiscrimination laws that explicitly protect LGBTQ people in employment, housing, and public spaces are necessary to build thriving, future-looking state and national economies.

We work with business leaders to make the data-backed case, in individual states and nationwide, that it’s good for business to ensure all hard-working Americans and their families are protected from discrimination.
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Our Guiding Principles
America Competes’ members work hard to create safe, inclusive, and supportive environments for their employees and the communities they serve. And this spirit of inclusion and opportunity extends beyond the workplace. At work and in the community, everyone deserves to feel safe, included, and able to contribute and participate fully, free from fear of discrimination based on who they are. We help businesses share the clear case for inclusion and nondiscrimination, and we take a nonpartisan approach to conversation, education, and progress on this important issue.
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